Leading You in the Right Direction
Building Your Home

Genco Signature Residences believes people and communication are at the heart of every good process.

Our Team of professionals will assist you through every facet of the process including Architecture and Engineering, Interior Decorating and Design, Construction Loans, and even selling your current home.

The GSR process includes a high level of thorough communication

  • Pre-Start Guide - explains new home construction process.
  • Project Planning meetings assist you to get the most and best from your home site.
  • PreConstruction meetings help refine construction drawings and assure Architects and Engineers are ___on the same page.

  • Scopes of Work provide subcontractors a clear vision of your new home.
  • Stage Updates keep you informed on real time status of your home.
  • Prior to move-in, we'll complete an Orientation/Final Walk for living in your new home

Through these series of meetings and process tools, we'll provide you with valuable information on:

  • Value Engineering and Features
  • Budgeting
  • Stage Building
  • Critical Path Method
  • Quality Walks
  • Inspections
  • Monthly Payables and Construction Draws
  • Variance Control

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